Walmart introduces 3D Virtual Online Shopping tour as a part of its business expansion

Jun 28, 2018, 7:45 am

Aniruddha P.

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Walmart revealed yesterday, June 27 that it is bringing a 3D virtual online shopping via its website. This is a part of the company’s recent endeavors in expanding its business.

The tour will provide customers browse through products and choose items for purchase. It comprises of a curated apartment that displays around 70 items from various brands, including Walmart’s own offerings.

These items are furniture, linen, and other accessories, ranging from ottomans to tumbler cups, anything that beautifies your home. There’s a floor lamp selling for $11.44 and a 16-piece dinnerware set priced at $34.88, for instance. Furthermore, bed sheets, coffee makers, and other convenient gadgets are also available for dorm rooms of the college goers.


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Starting in July, customers will be able to add a set of items to the cart, the company said. There will be a new ‘Buy the Room’ experience bringing five collections, with themes like ‘boho’ and ‘decked out dorm.’ Customers can select one whole set of items and then deselect the ones they don’t need.

We know that many customers shop for their dorm rooms or apartments in the summer months, and we also know that many of them tend to buy certain items together. For the first time, we’re making it possible to add a group of items to cart to buy a complete look. – Anthony Soohoo, senior VP Walmart

These facilities brought by Walmart are quite contemporary with the present evolutionary progressions of technology that impact business and marketing industries largely. It is, in fact, about time that Walmart introduced a virtual shopping tour as it is a significant retail player in the market.

The company is investing billions of dollars and is even initiating partnerships with logistics companies for delivering groceries online. It is on course to compete with Amazon on online shopping service.

Via: Reuters

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