Apple is redesigning its mapping app, the most frequently used app for the iPhones by using its own dataset. We know that TomTom NV of the Netherlands will also provide data to Apple for the application, like previous instances.

According to the American tech giant, the mapping app is being entirely rebuilt. It has a fleet of sensor-equipped vans and anonymous data from the users of iPhone who chose to share. The combination of these two sources makes up for the dataset that Apple is using.

Now, the company didn’t reveal anything regarding TomTom’s contributions to the mix. Interestingly, after Apple disclosed that the Dutch firm is providing dataset, shares of TomTom started falling!

TechCrunch was the first to report about Apple’s latest move on yesterday, June 29. TomTom has its shares falling for 5% from session highs. It declined 1.7% to 7.76 Euros at the close, and its stock for the year so far has dropped to 6%. Neither Apple or TomTom was available to comment on this matter.


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As the timeline goes since 2007 with the launch of iPhones, Apple provided the Maps via data from Google. Then, in 2012, Google Maps was dropped from the iPhones, and Apple came up with the app by using data from TomTom and other sources. The app readily went through poor feedback from the users.

Apple over the past few years is working on a custom maps infrastructure, where the data is being sourced from its network of 1 billion+ iPhones and the vans touring the world.

The new Maps will offer on-the-ground data and higher resolution satellite images, thanks to Apple’s two teams: one consisting of satellite imagery experts, and another drawing data from drones.

Apple said that the rollout of the revived mapping app will begin in the coming fall with new maps of Northern California.

Via: Reuters