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Jean Jennings
Jean Jennings
Jean Jennings is the content manager of Serpbook. Serpbook is an online platform that gives you information about everything you need to monitor, automate and report on your keyword rankings. It also provides you with local and global SEO rank tracking in real time for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

At the very core of search engine optimization is very small nitty-gritty aspects that collectively make a website functional. The small details which can be easily overlooked have proven to make all the difference in the world, when it comes to putting a site at the very top of a bulk rank tracker, especially one that is struggling to make its way to the top.

Spending hours upon hours on creating exhilarating and relevant content, testing it out, and comparing it with one page after another can be tiresome, monotonous, and even stressful to say the list. But the process becomes a worthy cause once the goals, primarily to attract more traffic and generate more revenue, are achieved.

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Given how exhausting SEO can get, you need all and any help you can get. Luckily there are arrays of SEO tools at your disposal to help with the technical small nitty-gritty of your SEO and revamp your website.

On Page Optimization Tools

The main objective of these types of tools is to come up with phrases that help answer any questions or needs that your target audience has. They then incorporate the phrases into the website in such a way that this highlights to users and search engines the importance of said phrases to the website or company and hopefully attracts more traffic. Such tools include:

1. Google Keyword Planner – This tool helps you know what people are searching for on the internet. Just type in your selected keyword or keywords and the tool will give you the top searches with regards to the keyword, how many times it has been searched in a month, and other words affiliated with it that you may not have thought of.

2. Screaming Frog Spider Tool – This spider tool helps you to get important information on any URL. The free version can help you crawl over 500 pages harnessing crucial information like the sites that have duplicate tags and if you might not have important tags.

3. Google Trends – For any business, it is important to keep track of the competition and Google trends is a tool that can help you determine where the market or your competitors are heading. This tool shows you the current trends and changes in search words and different topics. This way you can ensure your content is relevant and interesting.

4. Keyword Explorer – This tool shows you the different SEO opportunities that can come from given keywords. It is in most ways similar to Google keyword planner except that it also helps prioritize your keywords and put the ones most relevant first. Using a sophisticated metric, it calculates the revenue generated from various keywords basing it off the strength of the word and monthly search volume.

5. Keyword – If you are looking for something less complex with a multitude of keyword ideas, this is the tool for you. Keyword is particularly useful if you are looking for words that may have a low search volume on other tools such as keyword planner. You can also key in questions to generate content material.

6. Google and Bing webmaster – These are very useful tools to help revamp your SEO. They help unveil indexing issues, bugs or alarms, monitor keyword rankings, analyze duplicate content and so much more.

Monitoring tools

SEO consists of ongoing efforts to create content that is relevant and generate even more traffic and create more opportunities. As such it is important to keep track of things every now and then to see whether your efforts are paying off or lowering your ranking.

1. Google Analytics – This tool does a great job at helping you understand your audience. You can use it to monitor traffic and how they interact with your site and compare to past results and make changes where necessary.

2. Google search console – If you are worried about not seeing what your audience sees when they search for your website, this tool will help paint a picture for you. This tool gives you data top searches, questions, devices or countries in the past 90 days. It can also alert you to certain errors and ways to correct them.

3. SEMrush – This tool helps you focus on specific keywords that you are enjoying interested in. Its position tracking tool will help keep track of up to ten keywords and gauge where your completion is at.

4. Google data studio – This is a reporting tool that enables you to create and share relevant reports. It can give you data from different sources making it ideal to gather information critical for your report all in one seating.

Technical SEO tools

Often are times we are ignorant of the mechanics or what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to SEO. This may be because it seems complex, but that is why technical auditing tools are there to help you understand the technical side of your website.

1. GTMetrix – How quickly your website loads can be very important. GTMetrix helps analyze the load speed of a page and recommend improvements if needed.

2. Structured data testing tool – This Google tool analyses on page schema code and schema markups.

3. BuiltWith – As the name suggests, this tool tells you what technology was used to create your website. It can tell you the kind of CMS used for the site or analytics employed on the website.

4. Redirect path – This Google Chrome extension helps identify and quickly fix HTTP header and redirect errors.

5. Firebug – This Firefox extension helps analyses certain aspects of codes, code mockups and so much more

Authority and Like Building Tools

How reputable a site relies heavily on its hidden authority, having a solid internal linking structure and creating links to your website in other trustworthy sites.

1. Mozbar – Once installed, this tool can show you crucial SEO insights from any website or search results.

2. Moz open site Explorer – This backlink analysis tool offers crucial metrics to help determine the number of external links that lead back to your website and compare your domain authority to that of your competitors.

3. Xenu Sleuth – It is crucial that the page authority in one page can spread to the next. Sleuth helps find and correct broken links on your website.

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