WhatsApp brings a new setting for admins and is turning groups into broadcast channels

WhatsApp Group Setting for Admins

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WhatsApp on yesterday, June 29 has announced via a blog about the launch of its new group setting for the admins. The last few months have seen the developers coming up with new features surrounding the group experience, and this new setting is the latest addition.

This setting will enable the group admins to announce or provide some exclusive information in the group. It means that admins can now have the facility of only them sending messages, and not any non-admin members.

For enabling the feature, you can follow: Group Info > Group Settings > Send Messages > Only Admins. It is being rolled out currently to all WhatsApp users across the world, irrespective of the OS, iOS, Android or Windows. Downloading the latest update of the app will get you the feature.


There is another feature regarding groups the company started rolling out yesterday. It will turn groups into broadcasting channels newly, where the messages sent as broadcast-only will reach all users regardless of whether or not they have the sender’s contact number saved.

Previously, this broadcasting was restricted to only those users who have the sender’s number saved. The company says that the rollout of this feature for iOS is faster than the same for Android and Windows.

This feature is present on Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s rivals. It is a convenient way to send messages where you are only providing an info rather than looking for a conversation. It is expected that the rollout will reach all devices in the coming days, presently being carried out in a phased manner.

Stay tuned for further updates from the social media platform.

WhatsApp brings a new setting for admins and is turning groups into broadcast channels