Facebook has earlier promised their users that they will have a hard look at the information that apps can use whenever users connect to Facebook. Here are some updates from the company which are extended for making Facebook a better place and solving the data privacy issues amongst users.

Facebook has upgraded with some more API restrictions where they expect that this will continue to enable developers to create social experiences while protecting user’s information.

The first step by the company was taken today where they decided to deprecate Graph API Explorer App where developers use to run test queries. So, from July 2 onwards developers will have to use their own apps access tokens to do test queries.

Depreciation of one more app is brought up to the list due to its low adaption. Facebook made it clear that from October 1 they will deprecate Profile Expression Kit which is used by approved developers for enabling users to share photos and videos created in their apps as their profile pictures and videos on Facebook.

Media Solutions which is the family of API allows developers to build tools for company’s media partner who included interactive experiences like polling and voting around TV broadcasts. So, here the company has marked that public content discovery API’s will be limited to page content and public posts and certain verified profiles.

After depreciating apps Trending API now from August, the company has plans to deprecate Topic Search, Topic Insights and Topic Feed and Public Figure APIs due to low usage.

Facebook is offering Page API again which will again support developers to search Facebook Pages. The developers will be allowed to access this feature only after obtaining permissions to Page Public Content Access which can be obtained through the app review process.

Today the company is introducing an app review where the developers can use this API and simplifying it from three tiers to new two tiers structure. This new app review was brought forward taking into consideration the Marketing API which helps business to automate and scale their advertising on Facebook. And finally, they have new app review permissions for the Lead Ads Retrieval and Live Videos API’s.

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