Instagram introduces ‘You’re all caught up’ feature to never miss out on Insta feed

Jul 2, 2018, 5:00 pm

Moupiya D.

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On Monday, July 2, 2018, Instagram made its announcement that it would soon roll out a new feature named as ‘You’re all caught up’. This feature will notify after you’ve seen all posts uploaded on the previous two days by the people you follow. The message will let you have a better understanding of your feed.

Keeping a track on your seen posts is not easy and with this new feature, you will not miss on any new photos and videos of people you follow. After viewing the previous unseen updates the already viewed posts will automatically pop-up.

The notification is a simple blue check mark enclosed in a circle, written below ‘You’re All Caught Up’ across the screen with a marked line that clearly denotes the partition between the new and the old content.

Instagram has been showing up with enough updates for a couple of months. The IGTV feature allows users to upload videos up to an hour; the recently added celebrity-designed filters, as well as the group video chat, are some of the recent updates that were rolled out. This new feature will be available on iOS and Android that will certainly help users to navigate through their feed easily.

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