There is a famous proverb that states “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’’. According to this proverb, people who spend all their time working or studying and do not involve themselves in healthy activities, tend to be dull. For proper personality building, one needs to indulge himself in games and other extra-curricular activities.

These games and activities are essential to shape confidence and make people act. That is why Google Play Store has been introducing exciting games that can be played on smartphones. Some of these games are paid, but most of the games are free and can be downloaded by anyone.

Word Link: Vocabulary wizard

Among the top trending games available on the Google play store, the one that has gained much popularity recently is ‘’Word Link’’ by Worzzle Games. It is a very educational game in which player has to make words from jumbled letters. This game is aimed at improving the vocabulary of people. It is a modified version of the traditional game ‘’Hangman’’. Learning words have never been so easy and fun before.

Championship Of Cricket Lovers

‘’World Cricket Championship 2’’ is another top trending game. It is a next-generation mobile cricket gaming App for all cricket lovers. Players can have multiple shots and enjoy the 3D cricket gaming at their homes. It has all the unique features of cricket gaming like camera angels, new controls, fun cricketing venues, and much more.

Run Or Get Caught

‘’Subway Surfers’’ by Kiloo is another top trending game on Play store and has been famous for a long time now. The game is famous for its graphics which are exceptional. To prevent yourself from being caught by the inspector, you have to keep your attention on the track and also collect coins in the meanwhile. The game helps one to learn to keep focus.

Steal The Treasure And Escape The Monster

‘’Temple Run’’ trends all over the world. From children to elders, everyone loves to play this game. It is also famous for its exceptional graphics. It is a thrilling and adventurous game with lots of running and treasure seeking.

Racing Has No Limits

Another top trending game is ‘’Racing Limits’’. This game is a wizard of arcade type racing games. It has five different modes of racing that involve racing as well as overtaking vehicles. It’s like a dream come true for all the racing lovers.

Real-time Solitaire

For the board game lovers, the top trending game on play store is ‘’Teen Patti Gold’’. The players can play with real-time players from other parts of the world and enjoy the various variations like Royal, Hukam, AK47, and Joker. It includes private tables for friends and family. It is also a place for making new play-time friends with the chat option.

Pool in Your Palm

‘’8 Ball Pool’’ is another board game that is trending top on Google Play Store. Players can enjoy all the excitement and fun of the 8 ball pool on their smartphones. It can be played by inviting friends or also with random people from any part of the world.