HiQ the Australian startup launches AirPlus, the wireless charging case for AirPods

AirPlus for Airpods

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HiQ, a startup in Australia has launched the wireless charging case named AirPlus for AirPods via the Kickstarter campaign. Also dubbed as Home IQ, the startup is into researching and developing creative products that can be connected online.

The AirPlus is colorful in design and is sturdy enough to be drop proof. Dust resistance and water spill resistance are two other features which are the uniqueness of the new product. AirPod indeed is one of the amazing products built by Apple, but it cannot be claimed as perfect. Although, in short span of time the product has gained a lot of popularity among the users, especially among the millennials but it lacks color which the current generations want. The industry longed for a wireless charging protective case for AirPods which will secure AirPod from dirt, scratch, and crack – AirPlus is the ideal for this.

There’s no argument that AirPods is an amazing product. However, it’s not perfect. They’re delicate, and get dirty, cracked, or scratched easily – explained Founder and CEO, Hung Chieu.

AirPlus by HiQ is a standalone product in the market which comes at very reasonable pricing but brings better design, more features, and guarantees quality. HiQ conducted many drop tests using more than 20 combinations of materials and compositions, in order to get to the most durable and qualitative charging case for AirPods.

AirPlus AirpodWeighing only 25 grams, AirPlus bears the make out of a flexible material that’s infused with a user-centric design. It allows for smooth insertion and removal of the AirPod. Additionally, it brings an accessible pairing button that can be used for connecting the device to a wireless charger. AirPlus is the wireless charging protective case for AirPods has an LED notification light ensures that you get to monitor progress.

The Kickstarter campaign brings six color options for the AirPlus: white, black, pink, yellow, gray and red. HiQ has the motto of ‘smarthome, smartlife’, as Chieu says. He adds that the charging case can even be one of your accessories to appear stylish. There’s a built-in strap holder that enables you to turn it to a keychain or a necklace!

Investors of the project will get their hands into limited rewards like an AirPlus with a necklace strap with the price range of AU$19 or about US$14. Another offer gets you two AirPlus with necklace straps priced at AU$35.

AirPlus – Protect And Charge AirPods Wirelessly is currently on sale on Indiegogo. Visit here to get the Colorful Protective Case with Wireless Charging for your AirPods today.

HiQ the Australian startup launches AirPlus, the wireless charging case for AirPods