Tinder rolls out two-second GIF feature to match potential profiles

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Who doesn’t want to augment their creativity! Well, Tinder has come with the best idea to enhance your dating profile for your potential matches. Tinder announced that it is officially rolling out loops or looping two-second GIF alongside the usual still shot.

If you are on this dating app and want to spice up your profile, you can definitely opt for the new feature. All you just need to do is to trim the existing video to portray yourself as a fun-loving party person or as your frame of mind goes.

The update is coming to the US, Western Europe, and some countries in Asia and the Middle East. The company initially tested the feature in Sweden and Canada thusly bringing forth the option to add three more photos or GIFs, so you could add a total of nine.


Another new feature is on testing called as Places that lets users swipe on people who have visited the same places as them. Both these updates will let users experience better Tinder than before. Simple photo swiping might not be the best way to connect users and so Tinder takes cues from other apps having the similar features.

The new loop will initially, be available for iOS users only. And for the Android users, you really need to wait a while to create your two-second masterpiece.

Via: 9to5mac

Tinder rolls out two-second GIF feature to match potential profiles