A feature that Facebook announced back in May is finally here, it has silently added the ability for users to archive their Stories. Introduced last year by Instagram, Facebook duplicates the feature to make it available to its users.

Instagram Stories were one of the popular features which were then rolled out on Facebook too. Text mode came on Stories on Instagram that was again rolled out on Facebook later. And now just like Instagram, Facebook has also rolled the archived story feature for its users.

Users who are much more into Facebook and are more likely to use Facebook stories might find this feature really interesting. The feature lets you save a story without actually downloading it to your phone. So, if you put up a story and you want it to remain with you for longer than 24 hours, you can archive it. You will find the Archive option on the top right corner just above the row of stories.

The new feature is easy to use and works with both videos and photos. Just remember to save the story before it disappears by the end of 24 hours. Once saved, you can definitely use this post again or simply keep it as a memory forever.

The good side is that it doesn’t let anybody know about your archives and the folder takes no extra space in your device thus being saved on the app itself. You can even delete your archived stories whenever you wish to and also can archive as many stories as you want.

This feature is particularly aimed for Facebook lite users and it plans to release some other new features for its global users including Voice posts and the ability to save photos and videos from the Facebook Camera. The latter feature allows users to click and save pictures and videos on Facebook itself, reminding us of the draft feature on Instagram.