The Indian online transportation network company Ola introduces the Ola Money Postpaid feature for its user base. Taking to Twitter, the Ola team posted the statement which goes:

“Introducing Ola Money Postpaid! Now avail all your Ola Credit benefits on Ola Money Postpaid.”

This feature comes in as a delight for the steady users of Ola and Ola Credit as they can now avail smooth payments as well as pay later for their rides as per their convenience through Ola Money Postpaid.

For all those wondering how to go by the process, one has to open the Ola app, select the Ola Money Postpaid option before confirming a booking and that’s all that’s needed to be done. Following that, the fare for the ride will be seamlessly paid through the option.

Even if the Ola app does not feature the Postpaid option, the users need not fret as the user will be alerted after having an invite. However, it will be better and more convenient for the users if they update the app to the latest version, which is compatible with the Postpaid option.

Back in 2016, OlaCabs had been at the receiving end of strong censure for loopholes in its technology with respect to the security of its mobile app as there was a privacy breach for some customers in Bangalore which was resolved by the company following strong media coverage. Also, the refund policy of Ola Cabs has also been criticised because of fare charging errors due to technical glitches. In this scenario, the Ola Money Postpaid serves as a welcome feature, with the potential to provide better and technically improved payment service.

Right on from its inception in 2010, the transport company has progressed substantially providing both luxury and economic travel. Gradually, it diversified into providing autorickshaws (which began on trial basis in Bangalore) to metropolitans like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata in 2014 and expanded the service to Mysore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Guwahati, Vijayawada etc in 2015.

Recently, in January 2018, Ola took its first step towards overseas expansion, first, to Australia, and has future plans to extend the service to Sydney and Melbourne.

At the outset, Ola is on an uphill journey, with claims of getting more than 150,000 bookings per day and a strong grip on the market share in India with around 60% of the share. The Ola Money Postpaid feature is another upward curve on its graph, highlighting the statement of Ola’s Twitter description: ‘Getting people where they need to be since 2011’.