As a part of Google’s collaboration with NITI Aayog, the tech leader is bringing MLCC Study Jam Course in India this July. The collaboration is focused on providing adequate support to the developmental process of the country’s AI ecosystem.

The course aims to train Indian developers in machine learning by improving their technical proficiency so that they can apply cutting-edge techniques to withstand AI and machine learning challenges.

MLCC was created for Google’s engineers and now has become the company’s flagship course in machine learning. Over 18,000 Googlers have taken up this case, and the course has been recently made available for the public. For offering education and practice on ML concepts, the course provides exercises, instructional videos, and interactive visualizations.

It covers a number of ML fundamentals, ranging from basic concepts like gradient descent and loss of function to more advanced theories like neural networks and classification models. Google’s open source ML framework Tensorflow has its basics in the programming exercises, along with the concise videos from ML-expert Googlers. Further inclusions are short text lessons and educational gadgets (devised by instructional designers and engineers of Google).

MLCC is a free course that targets ML students to provide them with education on ML from a practical and applied perspective. It will offer a deeper comprehension of Tensforflow’s power and will train the enthusiasts for everyday projects. Developers with basic ML knowledge will get the best out of this course.

This might just be the beginning of the wait to realize the day where farmers can detect crop infections, and doctors can diagnose diabetic blindness, in India, at the drop of a dime! Talking about further potential, Google is surely on to getting the course worldwide now!