The upcoming 2018 iPhone is claimed as the cheapest iPhone. The new budget iPhone X is revealed to not have the thick bezels widely expected to be inevitable due to its cost-saving LCD display. In lieu, Apple recreates a technological advancement with the same bezel-less design as found on the expensive second-generation iPhone X and new iPhone X Plus.

While we approach towards the launch of this year’s iPhones, we come across new reveals and rumors about the upcoming devices that are surfacing online every day. The secret catch of Apple’s investment is the cutting edge back-light technology from Japanese manufacturer Nichia.

This technology prompts in 0.3t LED chip with smaller connectors than the 0.4t chip used in other LCD smartphones. The significant small connectors of the new iPhone, therefore, cut down the bottom bezel to as small as 2 to 2.5mm in contrast to 4 to 4.5mm connectors found on almost all iPhone rivals.

According to the sources these chips will be solely supplied by Nichia for the budget iPhone X. But this technological breakthrough has also been claimed by other companies which also hint that such technology might open to Android handsets as well. This is a huge deal and worth the expense of Apple’s investment many times.

Moreover, the ‘budget iPhone X’ will also reportedly replace iPhone X’s OLED display with an LCD display. There will also be no 3D Touch. In order to give something extra to buyers, the company is said to be incorporating fast-charging capability in the smartphone.

The report also suggests that the ‘budget iPhone X’ will be priced at almost $300 less than the existing iPhone X. After knowing the affordable pricing list and its latest feature it is assumed that it might be the company’s most popular iPhone in the 2018 lineup.