Google Pixel 2 phones are having camera glitch, company ‘working on a fix’, finally!

Google Pixel 2 Camera

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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, since their release last fall, have been going through numerous criticism so far regarding glitches, and the latest is a fatal camera error that actually crashes the app every time it is opened or when a snap is being taken.

Not all users of these phones have faced the issue, but many did. Google hasn’t addressed this issue until last week when a user of Pixel 2 XL took her frustration to Twitter. The company responded immediately, adding that they are ‘working on a fix.’

Google via its Made by Google Twitter account has further suggested several ways to act upon in the meantime. These include clearing the cache of the Camera app, to which she said she did the same and even performed the factory reset, but in vain.

Then, Google asked her to put the device in airplane mode and then take a picture. While the company is working on the resolve, it also asked the user to keep updating. It did acknowledge itself as being aware of the issue.


This particular glitch started surfacing on the internet within weeks after the launch of the Pixel 2 XL. Google smartphone fans are surely not impressed with the company addressing the issue after so long. Also, there’s no official statement from the company regarding the matter.

Now, the Pixel 3 is on the way to release in the coming fall. Shall the fix arrive just before? Stay tuned to follow this development.

Via: BGR

Google Pixel 2 phones are having camera glitch, company ‘working on a fix’, finally!