LG launches ThinQ AI smart TV with voice control feature, an intuitive experience for its users

LG Smart TV

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LG is one of the first major technology companies to embrace Artificial Intelligence and now it’s just not limited to smartphones. The company is presently aiming at India’s TV segment with its latest range of AI-powered smart TVs. LG today, launched their new range of smart TVs with integrated AI. The range includes over 25 TV models with the screen size between 32-inch to 77-inch.

The company offers its smart TVs in four variants W8, B8, C8 and E8, prices for the new LG smart TVs start at Rs 32,500 and goes all the way up to Rs 29, 49,990 all running on ThinQ Artificial Intelligence platform.

Artificial intelligence is definitely the road ahead for all our future products. The basic aim of incorporating AI functionalities in television is to deliver a unique and intuitive experience to the users. – Younchul Park, Director-Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India

The TV’s AI functionality allows the users to interact with the TV directly via voice. Users can speak into the microphone on the TV remote for functions such as search and navigation controls. LG says that there are over 800 preset commands available for the TV. It claims that its AI-powered TVs not only understand fixed voice commands but also “the intent of query before providing a search result”.


LG smart TV 2018 range is powered by their latest Alpha 9 intelligent processor. While most voice assistants require an internet connection to respond to queries, LG has worked hard to ensure that commands work even without an internet connection.

It runs on a webOS user interface which offers intuitive navigation with the Magic Remote’s scroll, clicks, and points features. It also features Mobile Connection Overlay allowing users to view the same content on their smartphones and the TV simultaneously. We hope all these innovations certainly bring an intuitive experience to its users.

Via: BGR

LG launches ThinQ AI smart TV with voice control feature, an intuitive experience for its users