How to make your product standout by building personal brand on LinkedIn

Currently, LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for recruiting. With around 94% of recruiters using it to look for and hire potential candidates. Now, this is a good enough reason to curate and build an active LinkedIn profile, if you don’t have one.

Our “reputation” used to be what we now refer to as, our brand. In the old days, one’s reputation was built through face-to-face encounters. However, most people form the first impression about us, from what they see on social media.

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How then do you build your brand on LinkedIn? You could choose to get LinkedIn profile writing service, or do it yourself, below is how:

1. Optimize your Profile

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It improves your chance of being found in searches. Add a professional photo to help potential connections put a face to your name. Include essential keywords to your headline as you elaborate on what you do.

LinkedInDon’t be afraid to be creative about your headline, make it distinctive. It’s the tagline of your brand. Write a well-thought-out summary that speaks to your prospective clients. Refrain from using overused buzzwords, and demonstrate the value you bring to your ideal clients.

For the background banner, choose a media that enhances your brand. It could feature a photo, logo, or any image that does the job. Manage your endorsements and featured skills, too.

List down, at least five skills that are relevant. Start with the skills you want others to know you for. You can delete an endorsement that you think isn’t helpful.

2. Be Active

Here, your input matters and not just hiring expert LinkedIn profile services. You need to be consistent in how you use LinkedIn. Ensure that when prospective clients find you, they will remember you, even if they won’t hire you.

Share information consistent with your brand, to your connections. Engage your connections by reading what they share or write, and comment or like. It’s a platform to build a professional relationship with other users.

Publish well-thought articles with LinkedIn Publisher. What you post is displayed on your profile. As connections comment and like them, it increases your reach to their networks and on Google search, too.

The more you publish long-form content, it builds your credibility and strengthens your profile. Join groups to expand your network and build your brand. Contribute to the conversation by asking questions, giving an opinion or merely commenting on the posts of others.

3. Make Meaningful Connections

LinkedIn allows you to expand your network beyond your colleagues, friends, and industry leaders. Use the platform to make new connections with people you don’t know, too. Get to know them by browsing through their profile.

Identify the things you have in common, before clicking the “Connect” button. When sending a connection invite, especially to someone you don’t know, personalize the message. Give them a reason(s) why they should consider accepting the invitation.

Keep your network active and fresh. Ask your contacts to introduce you to others they know, if you find someone worth a connection.

4. Customize your Feed

Use the platform to invest in your lifelong education. You have the power to choose what content appears in your Home Feed. You will see the activities of your connections, by default though.

LinkedIn Profile ServicesWhen you find a LinkedIn Influencer that resonates with you, click “Follow.” It also applies to insights and news in your industry. It will keep you updated with insights from thought industry leaders in the field.

You can unfollow the topics and people that don’t matter to you, too. If you unfollow updates from your connections, you will still be connected. LinkedIn adapts to your activity and matches it to the content you find on your feed.

5. Show your Expertise with SlideShare

Every presentation you make on SlideShare, Google indexes it. Thus, the content you create will give your brand advantage in SEO, as a significant portion of traffic to SlideShare, comes from organic search. This presentation platform is integrated into your account.

In that, others can find your work through Google or LinkedIn SlideShare search. Doing so will draw traffic to your profile, and it also allows you to display your thought leadership. So, demonstrate a unique point of view on the trends and news in your industry, on your SlideShare account.

Use the clipping tool to highlight the content you have produced that are most valuable. You can also add the presentations on SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn as a recruiting platform has grown in popularity over the years. As most recruiters turn to social media platforms to choose potential candidates, ensure that you leverage the tools you have, in hand, starting with an excellent LinkedIn profile development service.

Be consistent with how you use the platform and engage others. When you like a post, it acts like the share button on Facebook. So, don’t forget to add your voice to conversations that count.

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