How to use technology to upgrade your wardrobe

With the dynamically changing fashion industry, it becomes a struggle to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends. With every change of season, we feel the need to buy the latest garments and accessories. You continuously find yourself accumulating a wardrobe full of mismatched garments that you struggle to incorporate into a single outfit. On top of that, you have a limited closet space where the wardrobe door is peaking and on the verge of exploding! To combat this, you need to be savvy and efficient on how to sustain your fashion interests and purchasing habits whilst still being able to store all your clothing needs.

Here are the ways technology can be used to upgrade your wardrobe.


Do you always find that you’re buying expensive designer clothes for that one-off event and never end up wearing it again? Have you gathered a pile of frocks that are just taking up unnecessary space in the back of your wardrobe? There is a way around this, where instead of buying your dresses, rent your event gowns instead.

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This way, you’ll be able to get the dress more affordably and during the time you wish to wear it. Save extra space in your wardrobe by borrowing designer clothes from The Volte where you will be able to rent garments from a community platform. If you have designer clothes that you are trying to get rid of, this is also a perfect way for you to sell or lend your items and receive cash in return of items you no longer wear. You will also be able to easily manage your listings through the app or browse through designer garments directly off your laptop, smartphone or smart tablets.

Wardrobe and outfit planning apps

One of the most common annoyances before heading to an event is not knowing what to wear. You may have hundreds of clothes in your wardrobe but none of the pieces seems to coordinate! Luckily enough, technology is the solution. The introduction of new apps such as Stylebook and Stylicious allows you to take photos of your clothing items and assemble your outfits via your smartphone or smart tablets.

Coordinate your outfits on your phone to capture a visual image of what your outfits would look like if it were worn together. The apps use artificial intelligence and machine learning to remember your outfits and choose outfits for you and display recommended garment pieces for you to buy.

Subscription boxes

A great way of upgrading your wardrobe without having to study the latest fashion trends is by letting the experts choose for you. Subscription box services offer monthly subscription boxes, delivering you a combination of fashion garments.

Each box contains various items depending on the store, ranging from tops, skirts, shoes, and accessories. Premium designer subscription services provide a fashion stylist that communicates with you to meet your needs and coordinates a box depending on your preferences. The boxes include a wide range of brands to give you an opportunity to discover your new favorites.

The styling and boxing fee is generally around the $20 price point where for the pieces that you wish to purchase, you can pay for at a discounted price. You can select an annual subscription service or alternatively, you can select which subscription of a particular month that you would like to purchase, however, some boxes may only be available for a limited time frame. price. This is a great way of being exposed to different types of garments without leaving your home and being able to test the clothes out before purchasing it.

Heat and cooling technology

Particularly in the cooler seasons, layering clothing pieces to keep warm always tend to make your outfit appear bulky, which is also reflective of your wardrobe. Instead of purchasing more layering pieces during the Winter, you can instead use heating technology. Garments such as UNIQLO’s HeatTech clothing that allows you to keep warm with the minimal layering of unnecessary clothing.

Sports brands such as Adidas and Nike use cooling apparel technology by producing sportswear with fabric that removes excess moisture from perspiration to maintain dryness on your skin.

Fashion inspiration

Amplify your fashion by finding inspiration from others. Traditionally, magazines have been the ultimate go-to for all the latest fashion trends, however, the digital landscape has allowed you to specifically search and discover niches or preferences. Fashion blogs and Instagram accounts feature fashion models and influencers that you can follow to discover new fashion trends or since they share a similar style preference or physical build to you.

The products are often tagged in the caption of the post or on the photo which allows you to be instantly linked to the store’s social media account and website.

Technology gives you the opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe in the most efficient way possible, so why not take the chance? How will you be using technology to upgrade your wardrobe for the next upcoming fashion season?

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