Google Fuchsia to Swap the World’s Dominant Mobile Operating System, Android

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Moupiya Dutta
Moupiya Dutta
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It’s been a while since we got the first hint of Google Fuchsia; a mysterious, open-source operating system that could eventually replace Android and Chrome OS as the search giant’s unifying, single software platform. It has also been quite a certain time that a small group of engineers has been working hard on software who hope to swap the world’s dominant mobile operating system; Android.

The project Fuchsia has been cited to emerge from scratch to overcome the limitations of Android. It is being designed by engineers to connect Fuchsia on devices like home speakers, within the next three years which will in due course target on to larger devices like laptops and smartphones in the next half decades.

The team is working hard to craft an operating system that can run on all of Google’s products, with a greater focus on voice interaction, artificial intelligence services, and improved security. Though experimentally, Google has already begun to make rough versions available with interactive screen displays and voice commands for YouTube.

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The members of the Fuchsia team has come up with a big plan for the first time: it suggests in creating a single operating system competent of running all the company’s in-house devices, like Pixel phones and smart speakers, as well as third-party devices that now invariably run on Android and Chrome OS.

According to the sources Pichai is highly supportive of the 100 member team who are working on the Google silent weapon to end its OS fragmentation issues once and for all. The shifting of focus away from both Android and Chrome OS has undoubtedly raised some questions internally.

In a statement, Google spokesperson remarked: “open-source experiments like Fuchsia is an investment in innovation.” Fuchsia is just not an experiment it is more than a basement skunkworks effort. With tighter security tools Fuchsia also ensures that information is protected every time the software is updated.

Time will let us know if Fuchsia could be executed as hoped by avoiding the fate of many other Google moonshot projects. Let’s wait and see if Fuchsia could replace Android and Chrome OS in the future.

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