Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 13,743,000
    Confirmed: 13,743,000
    Active: 4,962,955
    Recovered: 8,192,031
    Death: 588,014
  • USA 3,619,663
    Confirmed: 3,619,663
    Active: 1,832,765
    Recovered: 1,646,698
    Death: 140,200
  • Brazil 1,972,072
    Confirmed: 1,972,072
    Active: 529,729
    Recovered: 1,366,775
    Death: 75,568
  • India 979,719
    Confirmed: 979,719
    Active: 335,425
    Recovered: 619,193
    Death: 25,101
  • Russia 752,797
    Confirmed: 752,797
    Active: 209,168
    Recovered: 531,692
    Death: 11,937
  • Peru 337,724
    Confirmed: 337,724
    Active: 98,907
    Recovered: 226,400
    Death: 12,417
  • Chile 321,205
    Confirmed: 321,205
    Active: 21,934
    Recovered: 292,085
    Death: 7,186
  • Mexico 317,635
    Confirmed: 317,635
    Active: 81,600
    Recovered: 199,129
    Death: 36,906
  • South Africa 311,049
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 311,049
    Active: 145,903
    Recovered: 160,693
    Death: 4,453
  • Spain 304,574
    Confirmed: 304,574
    Active: 276,161
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,413
  • UK 291,911
    Confirmed: 291,911
    Active: 246,858
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 45,053
  • Iran 267,061
    Confirmed: 267,061
    Active: 22,845
    Recovered: 230,608
    Death: 13,608
  • Pakistan 257,914
    Confirmed: 257,914
    Active: 73,751
    Recovered: 178,737
    Death: 5,426
  • Italy 243,506
    Confirmed: 243,506
    Active: 12,493
    Recovered: 196,016
    Death: 34,997
  • Saudi Arabia 243,238
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 243,238
    Active: 53,246
    Recovered: 187,622
    Death: 2,370
  • Turkey 215,940
    Confirmed: 215,940
    Active: 12,788
    Recovered: 197,733
    Death: 5,419
  • Germany 201,281
    Confirmed: 201,281
    Active: 5,733
    Recovered: 186,400
    Death: 9,148
  • Bangladesh 196,323
    Confirmed: 196,323
    Active: 86,864
    Recovered: 106,963
    Death: 2,496
  • France 173,304
    Confirmed: 173,304
    Active: 64,364
    Recovered: 78,820
    Death: 30,120
  • Canada 108,829
    Confirmed: 108,829
    Active: 27,534
    Recovered: 72,485
    Death: 8,810
  • China 83,612
    Confirmed: 83,612
    Active: 259
    Recovered: 78,719
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 51,351
    Confirmed: 51,351
    Active: 45,214
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,137
  • S. Korea 13,612
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,612
    Active: 925
    Recovered: 12,396
    Death: 291
  • Australia 10,810
    Confirmed: 10,810
    Active: 2,662
    Recovered: 8,035
    Death: 113
  • New Zealand 1,548
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,548
    Active: 27
    Recovered: 1,499
    Death: 22

Leading AI innovation to power the future: SoftBank Fund seeks investment from SenseTime

Author at TechGenyz Investing
The SoftBank Group Corp announced its fresh investment initiative SoftBank Vision Fund for spurting investments in the domain of information technology. The SoftBank Vision Fund aims to invest about a whopping $1 billion in China’s SenseTime Group Ltd. , earning a stake in what is touted to be the world’s most valuable AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup. At the outset, this is quite an impressive step for SoftBank Group as it joins hands with SenseTime, which has reached ‘the forefront of global AI industry development’ with its advanced AI Technologies, as stated on the official website of SoftBank. As of now, the terms and conditions of the recently launched fund by SoftBank Group Corp., and SenseTime are still in the nascent stage and are subject to change. If reports are to be believed, the company seeks to take its investment drive ahead, and after having raised more than $1.2 billion, has announced two more finance rounds in the near future. The 4-year-old company SenseTime is all set to etch China as the world leader in AI by 2030, has inspired a host of local startups as per its objective. It creates systems that analyze faces and images on a large scale, contributing to China’s vast surveillance system. Anticipating the thrust of China’s role in the future of technology, SoftBank has made it one of the central destinations for the Vision Fund raking in about a huge $100 billion pool of money, leading it to become the world’s largest technology investor. The spectrum of investment offered is quite diverse and expansive, including sectors as distinct as robotics, eCommerce ride-hailing, semiconductors and so on which is in line with the broad vision of SoftBank’s founder Masayoshi Son’s vision, which is to invest in an AI and data-oriented future. To this end, SoftBank gave away $32 billion to acquire ARM Holdings Plc, the chip designer company that will have a key role in the development of artificial intelligence in the future, as per Son.
We believe that AI will unlock another era of China-lead global development, and that the R&D and deployment of computer vision and deep learning technologies will redefine human life as we know it and establish a new connection between us and the world at large. Not only will this transform society as a whole, but it will push mankind forward as well. - SenseTime
If the deal goes well, as planned, SoftBank will join some of the biggest names in technology and investment, which is taking things to the next level towards a bright future for the global technology, to say the least. SenseTime is diversifying itself into exploring driving and augmented reality, and working on a service code-named “Viper” to parse data from thousands of live camera feeds, which it believes will improve mass surveillance like never before. With this investment drive, SoftBank materializes its objective as stated on the page of SoftBank Investment advisors, which goes: We focus on growing businesses run by disruptive innovators that are seeking to be the foundational platforms of the information revolution.
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