WhatsApp on yesterday, July 19 has launched a few new updates on the forwarding abilities of messages in its platform, across users in India.

The changes do not really contribute on convenience, rather bring restrictions on board. These include limiting the ability to forward messages, and removing the quick forward that sits beside media messages. According to the limitation, now you will be able to forward your messages to not more than 5 of your contacts.

The announcement blog says that it is a test on safety and privacy of the users. The developers will continue evaluating these changes, so you can hope to have something more convenient coming up soon again.

WhatsApp has been under criticism recently by the government of India regarding the spread of false information that even led to social violence, going as far as the demise of people.

Earlier this month, the social media platform had been warned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) of the nation. This directed the company to come up with precautionary measures like providing full-page advertisements to leading newspapers on safety and privacy.

The country is, of course, the biggest market for the social media company, and it is a pioneer in offering services on private messaging, gradually replacing the trend of text messages. It is now Facebook-owned, remaining committed to social standards.

Now, users may feel irritated due to these two changes, and users in India love to forward just about all kinds of images, videos, and literary messages. The company is well aware of this, which means that it aims to offer services where conveniences and privacy will go hand in hand for the users. We hope they get positive results out of their test and makes things better soon enough.