Microsoft announced at E3 2018 regarding its works on the next generation consoles, and that means a successor to the Xbox One is on the way. We have received a further update on the ongoing project.

Thurrott in June claimed that Microsoft is internally calling the next family of Xbox as Scarlett. Brad Sams of Thurrott said this week that the tech giant is developing two different devices for the next-gen consoles.

The first of the devices is to be a traditional box. The company aims to provide a physical box for the gamers for at least another generation. Specs are unknown, with Microsoft saying that it is still in its early days of development.

As for the second device, it might be revolting in the market. A source refers to it as Scarlett Cloud, and it is going to be an affordable one. It is not going to be as powerful as a traditional console, although it will be playing all games.

The cloud console will have a limited amount of compute locally for specific tasks like controller input, image processing, and importantly, collision detection. The downside of this is that it since more hardware is needed locally, it will raise the price of the streaming box but it will still cost significantly less than what we are accustomed to paying for a new-generation console which should help expand the platform’s reach. – Microsoft

Microsoft next gen Xbox aims to bring its games compatible across any platform for user convenience. However, Scarlett cloud console will be an entry point dedicated to playing only the Scarlett games. Games running on the traditional console will run on the cloud console, and vice versa.

We will perhaps need to wait till 2020 to find out the changes for the better that Microsoft is intending to bring on board via its new generation of console devices. Stay tuned with us to follow the build-up and comprehend the future of gaming.

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