Google started rolling out its final beta preview version of Android P, the beta 4 since yesterday, July 25. The latest Android OS is expected to release in August.

Dave Burke, Android VP said that this beta 4 build which is as well the Developer Preview 5 consists of final system behaviors. It is expected to be stable and free of bugs for you to install and test in your Pixel or essential smartphone.

OnePlus 6 is not far behind either for you to test the update. In fact, its community page was the first to break the news of the Android P beta 4 release and the announcement thread has users arguing over OnePlus smartphones receiving the release later than their Essential counterparts. One user stated as a reason that Essential phones are equipped with the stock AOSP software that’s identical to Android.

Now, Android P has loads of visual and functional changes across the operating system. For a start, Google removed the microphone icon from the search bar. Then, multitasking shows a preview of the entire window of the app. Also, editing and annotating screenshots have become easier. Settings menu and quick shortcuts have received a new redesign, and more!

There will not be any digital wellness features from Google, like dashboards or app timers. This is confirmed for the beta as well as the upcoming public release. A refined UI and the multitasking interface are going to be the brighter sparks for the users.

The new Adaptive Battery feature of Android optimizes battery life by de-prioritizing the background apps that the user does not use often. Another exciting new feature is that the OS will let up to 5 Bluetooth audio devices to simultaneously connect, which was only 2 in Oreo. It will also offer users to hide the frequently dismissed notifications.

We are yet to know what the ‘P’ in Android P will stand for (definitely not ‘Police’!). But we do know that this operating system by Google has some serious enhancements ensuring that there are no (or least) technical glitches users will have to suffer from after the public release.