Apple confirms to repair iPhone, iPad, and Macs damaged by the devastating Japan floods

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A heartfelt condolence from Apple: “We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to everyone who received the damage due to the recent disaster.” Japan has been facing a big turbulence all through this month and Apple comes to stand by them in its own way. Recently Apple declared on a post that it would repair any iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPods that were directly damaged by the devastating floods.

Heavy rains in southwestern Japan have resulted in catastrophic flooding that caused a humongous loss that even went to the extent of life deaths. Apple expressed its sympathies and in support goes against its own standard repair policies that strictly exclude water damage. It confirms to repair products for free.

Apple confirms that the residents who are affected by the flooding can directly claim their service by making a call on the Apple telephone support- 0120-27753-5. Almost all of Apple’s main product lines are eligible for repair, only if they are able to provide their valid proof of ownership. But online service and accessories are not included.
The repairing period will be on until the end of September 2018. It has already apologized to its customers for the occurrence of any inconvenience in the delivery and pick-up time as it might be impacted depending on the condition of Japan.

Apple confirms to repair iPhone, iPad, and Macs damaged by the devastating Japan floods