Hyundai brings new flip phone back to the market

Jul 27, 2018, 4:45 pm

Bipasha M.

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Hyundai appears to be bringing flip phones back to the market. The Hyundai Flip feature phones are a thing of the past now that almost everyone uses either smartphones or just simple keypad phones. But Hyundai took the decision to bring the flip phones back. They will bring the flip phone back based on the FCC filing.

The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission which is an independent US government agency which regulates international communication by means of radio, television, satellite, and cable. The mobile phone with model number D275D is lying with the FCC for certification.

Hyundai Flip Feature PhoneSome pictures regarding the phone have been revealed. The images show the Hyundai phone to be lying around with its accessories, a charger, and an earpiece. The documents reveal some of the features of the phone such as it will be sporting a 600 mAh battery, the Bluetooth version is the V2.1+EDR (BDR+EDR mode) and the lowest internal frequency would be of EUT: 26MHz etc.

It will support GSM and GPRS networks with the GSM850/PCS1900 support band, the plink frequency is of GSM/GPRS 850: 824~849MHz. The downlink frequency is GSM/GPRS 850: 869~894MHz and the GSM/GPRS 1900 capacity is 1930~1990MHz.

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