LinkedIn Messaging brings to you its new addition, a Voice Messaging feature, that lets you record voice messages up to one minute. A really useful feature indeed, for times when you’re too busy to type, or just need your message to be conveyed through your voice for better understanding to the person on the other side. It is a much quicker and easier way to communicate than to type out long paragraphs to write explanations or instructions.

Why choose voice messaging:

  • Firstly, speaking is faster and much easier than typing, and requires minimum to no use of hands, since no typing is required. Therefore, a much needed feature when you’re multitasking, or on the move.
  • Similarly, the recipient could also be too busy to stop what they’re doing to pick up a call. So, a quick voice message does the trick. No hassle for you or them, they can listen to it later during their break.
  • Speaking helps you communicate better, express yourself and your ideas better, getting into the details easier. It isn’t as impersonal as texting and helps put in a lot of emotions that can get lost in translation in a written message.

How to record:

LinkedIn Voice Messages