7 Devices every student needs for their dorm room

College students are busy people, and busy people love technology that makes life easier and better. That fall semester is just around the corner, so now is a good time to take an inventory and decide if you need to pick up any life-saving gadgets before heading back to school. Here are seven devices every student needs for their dorm room.



Tile is a handy little device that helps you keep track of your stuff. “You can attach Tile to your keychain, or stick in your wallet so that you never lose them again. It links up with an app on your smartphone. So when you inevitably lose your keys or wallet, simply press a button and your Tile will play a little ditty and you’ll have your item back in no time,” recommends Karen Falls, writer at Boomessays. The only downside is your Tile has a limited range and will need to be replaced every couple of months.

Noise canceling headphones

Sony WH1000MX2 Headphones

A decent pair of noise-canceling headphones can often be the difference between a harmonious existence and wanting to throttle your loud music loving roommate. Anyone who’s had to get some serious homework done at home or in the college library can tell you how useful these things are. Sony’s WH1000MX2 headphones have some great smart controls and are surprisingly comfortable.

Echo Dot

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You can command the Echo Dot to play music, record or play your message, make a call, and more. It can connect with devices like Nest, WeMo, and Samsung SmartThings to adjust the temperature, set the security camera, or turn off the lights. It’s a small size, speaker, and portability make it ideal for a dorm room.

GunBox Safe


Don’t worry, you can store anything in the GunBox Safe, not just a six-shooter. You can store your passport, wallet, or important papers in it. It’s portable and you can use RFID, Bluetooth, and even biometric technology to unlock it. There is a downloadable app that allows you to customize its settings, and its battery lasts an entire year before you need to charge it. Perfect dorm room tech for keeping your valuables safe from your dodgy roommate.


Nobody likes vacuuming. College students are notoriously busy anyway, so who has the time? The Roomba works on all floor types, and you can connect with and turn it on remotely with your smartphone. Once it’s finished its work the Roomba will faithfully report back to its charging station.

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer


To the horror of their parents, many college students drink alcohol. Driving under the influence is a huge safety concern. But at least there is a technology like the BACtrack mobile breathalyzer to keep things safe. Using this device, a student can determine their blood alcohol content level quickly and easily.


SoleMateCollege dorm rooms can definitely get a little stinky or a lot. With the number of smelly sneakers, socks, and hats, it’s no surprise. “SoleMate is a handy device that solves this common dorm room problem by using it’s deodorizing and sterilizing functions to destroy pathogens and prevent the fungus from accumulating.

Not only will things smell a lot better, but infections will also be stopped in their tracks, and it only takes one hour,” writes Kay Clemons, blogger at UKWritings and Academized. Unfortunately, this technology is still in the funding and prototype stages, but it shouldn’t be too long before it hits the market.


Everybody loves and can benefit from a new gadget, especially students. Dorm rooms can be crowded and roommates can be, well, annoying. But a few handy devices can help everyone co-exist a little more harmoniously. These dorm room gadgets will definitely be helpful for every college student.

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