Xiaomi introduces new MIUI feature letting Indian users check train PNR

Jul 27, 2018, 9:00 am

Aniruddha P.

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Manu Kumar Jain tweeted last night from Bangalore about MIUI’s newly enabled train PNR tracking directly in the App Vault, much to the applause from the Indian users in the social media.

The tweet includes the link to the MIUI official announcement of the feature. It is apparent that it has been enabled for the users residing in India, and there’s no word so far on a global rollout. The company might have just started with this feature, and what will be the better inception than India could have implemented upon, with the nation having the biggest railway network in the world!

The ‘Check Train PNR widget card on App Vault is powered by ixigo. All you need is swipe right on Homepage, enter the App Vault, and then input your PNR in the card. Your train status will be shown right away.

App Vault Xiaomi
In case you missed, App Vault in MIUI lets you subscribe to various services, ranging from stock alerts to football news. The MIUI announcement blog has provided screenshots of how you can get to the App Vault and enjoy the new convenience.

For users of Developer ROM, the feature is already available from V8.7.19 onwards. Stable ROM users will have it rolled out via an App Vault update in the system app updater. Xiaomi says that this update is coming soon.

The Xiaomi PNR status feature will further allow users to access up to two previous searches from the card. Developers will surely want to consider expanding this limit of accessing PNR search history for providing added convenience.

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