YouTube plans for paid original programming for India and other international markets

YouTube Originals

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YouTube plans to create original scripted series and other programmes for the international markets that include France, Japan, Mexico, Germany, and India. This new initiative will draw more customers to its paid subscription service, as said by a senior executive, Susanne Daniels.

The new programming will be made accordingly to lure its global customers. It will come in multiple genres that will include documentaries, reality series, scripted series, talk shows and others.

Some of the YouTube Originals content will be shown on YouTube premium where users can enjoy the shows with a monthly subscription service which means without the interruption of the advertisement. Other content will be available on YouTube’s free service with advertising.

The shows will be produced in the local language with given subtitles or even dubbed for other markets. A bunch of original shows has already been released in South Korea and also one in India; a talk show in Hindi named ‘UnCricket’ which is performing huge than expected.

It seems that YouTube is trying to compete with its big rivals like Netflix Inc and that are investing in local language programming for online audiences around the world.

Debuted on the premium service in 2016 were the first original shows of YouTube, starting with series from some of the platform’s most popular video creators including children’s shows. But currently, they plan no further programmes for original children content as it might not draw subscriptions at this time. Daniels hopes that YouTube with this new initiative can reach out to the global millennials who are the most consumer of such content.

Via: Reuters

YouTube plans for paid original programming for India and other international markets