As assumed from a new image of the 2018 iPad Pro CAD that has appeared online, the iPad seems to have a Home Button on the rear side of the Tablet. The Purported 2018 iPad Pro CAD image was posted by a famous leaker, @OnLeaks on Twitter, and it does not reveal much about the tablet. But it does mention the presence of a home button on the back of the Tablet.

From the image, it does look a lot like a Home Button at the back of the iPad, and the Apple logo appearing right below it. However, later @OnLeaks changed his previous statement, telling us that there is an “unknown thing” present on the tablet’s backside.

“Just got my hands on a purported 2018 iPad Pro CAD showing an unknown thing located on the back of the tablet… NB: I can’t confirm the accuracy of that CAD I share for discussion purposes only because of that weird and yet unexplained detail…” was what his tweet said.