How to win over ArtificiaI Intelligence from being a threat to humanity

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Artificial Intelligence

When you talk about artificial intelligence, many people rightly know that it can help boost security, for example, resolve problems or even automate tasks that actually don’t need a person to do them – saving time and boosting productivity. But the general public may actually be confused somewhat by what AI is: Is it a robot or a self-driving car or something else?

The answer is a little bit of everything. AI helps a computer “see,” for example, and helps a computer (think Alexa) “listen” to you and understand what you’re saying. But many people and businesses are rightly worried that AI may rob us of our humanity in ways that we don’t fully appreciate. So how can we stop that from happening?

Well, for starters, think about using AI as a way to make people’s lives easier and more convenient. That may mean reminders for certain tasks for example – paying a bill. How else does it work? This graphic explains it.