The BMW M2 Competition that was revealed back in April this year has proved to be even better than the grand praises it already gained. We have its reviews based on not just the specs but as well on the experience from test drives.

The successor to the regular M2 embraces the exclusive twin-turbo six-cylinder from M3 and M4. A wider 2-series Coupe bodyshell in its chassis provides the car with a solid tough stance. It is bearing a carbon-fiber V-brace around its engine bay for sharpening precision and feel of the steering, just like in M3 and M4, again!

In its engine that’s codenamed S55, there are two turbos taking care of the six cylinders on the basis of a pair of three cylinders end-to-end. The engine hits 7,600rpm and offers an additional 40bhp at big revs, taking it to 404bhp in aggregate.

BMW M2 Test DriveWhen on road, the new S55 engine does not just remind of the power, but as well amazing depths of extroversion, topping the same of the regular M2’s motor. An industry-leading propulsion at the starting price of $54,500 makes it affordable and qualitative.

It can pick from 0 to 62 in 4.4 seconds, and in 4.2 seconds via the twin-clutch that makes sure you don’t have to pause to change gear. The chassis too compliment the effectiveness of the engine, supporting propulsion and immersive feel, making the vehicle an enormously balanced sports car on road.

BMW M2 CompetitionA firm and trustworthy middle pedal with the optional M Sports brake system makes up for the rest of the basic specs. Progressive damping, smooth cornering in lumpy surfaces, discreet exhaust, and a sublime driving like a suave at normal traffic speeds make it stand out!

Perforated leather seats and multi-adjustable backrests provide comfort as well as keep you up for action.