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Google launches Chrome on Daydream View for enabling web browsing in VR

Jul 31, 2018, 5:30 am

Google has launched its Chrome web browser in its VR headsets Daydream View and the Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, as the company announced via blog yesterday, July 30.

If you are having any of the two headsets, you can easily launch the browser Chrome directly from the homepage. This will let you ‘browse and interact with any webpage’ while you are still in VR.

As for the features, you will be getting all of what Chrome already possesses. You can go for voice search, incognito mode, saving bookmarks, and more, directly from your Daydream headset.

There are certain added features as well, which are specific for the Daydream. For instance, the ‘cinema mode’ will optimize videos on the internet for the best viewing experience through the headset.

Therefore, be it you reading a blog or going through web reviews for your next movie watch, you don’t have to remove your headgear in the middle. VR experience and web browsing are going hand in hand. How cool is that!

Furthermore, you can browse on your mobile phone and conveniently switch the same in your VR headset, no matter whatever kind of content you are searching. This is the result of an effective integration of Chrome on Daydream.

Google built Chrome for all kinds of devices and platforms, irrespective of the operating systems. This is one of the company’s extensions of it being committed to its browser, and this was the second time a web browser can be accessed via the VR headset of Daydream, following Mozilla who did a similar thing in early April.

The latest version of Chrome on Android will get you the integration via launching the browser from the home screen of the Daydream device. Don’t forget to update Chrome from the Play Store.

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