State of Mind is a sci-fi Game for Exploring Perceptions on Transhumanism

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Aniruddha Paul
Aniruddha Paul
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Daedalic Entertainment has announced today, July 31 via a blog about its newly released game State of Mind that’s an RPG sci-fi thriller dealing with ‘the boundaries of being human’ in respect to transhumanism.

Transhumanism is, in fact, the basic elements of the game, and understanding it will lead you to relate to the perspective of the game’s progress. Transhuman is the person who has achieved an evolved state in terms of psychology and physiology. This evolution surpasses today’s generalized standards of being human while embracing science and technology.

Now, this opens for a new world for the individual, and they get to be possessed with even more resources than what their earthly materialistic world has given them. This is because of their evolved awareness of surroundings, and of course, of themselves. Therefore, you are given what is generally believed as superpowers.

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State of Mind by DaedalicHow will you express yourself in this self-possessed exclusiveness? How will you embrace responsibility and sensibility amid the unbelievable possibilities? How will you define yourself in a greater comprehension and vision of your existence?

The State of Mind game for PlayStation provides gamers with a platform where you get to answer these questions.

Abundance, perfection, immortality. These are the bullet points of transhumanism and if these sound like religious promises to you, you make the right assumption because transhumanism is essentially exactly that: the promise of paradise in the guise of technology. What could possibly go wrong? This is what we want to investigate in State of Mind. – Martin Gantefohr, the creative lead for the game on behalf of Daedalic

He breaks it down further, pointing out about varied perceptions and intentions of individuals. He added: “maybe perfection is a tempting prospect or a dreadful threat depending on individual perspective.”

This is where the central character of the game named Richard Nolan comes in with an average lifestyle. Richard is a middle-aged technology skeptic journalist belonging to the year 2048. He is not a ‘people’s person’, not a good father, and is not above problems and self-conflicts.

Therefore, inheriting transhumanism is the challenge for Richard, and thus it is for the gamer in the game State of Mind. Richard is in pursuit of seeking the bridge of relevance ‘between reality and fiction, between truth and deception, between artificial and biological life.’

State of Mind GameThe game takes Richard in a world that’s a step away from transhumanist revolution. He loses everything, literally, ‘even a part of his identity.’ The gamer gets to find out about Richard in the journey: where does the character belong from and what are the choices that define him!

Richard gets to face humanoid bots, artificial humans, and anti-tech terrorists. He will as well need to go through his own shortcomings: flaws, mistakes, lies, and bad calls. This is indeed an entire package of him being a human.

Will he want to remain human or become an AI? How about playing a God maintaining responsibilities? While the home is always the sweetest as it builds the first definitions of an entity, evolution might just purposefully hold greater prospects for one and their surroundings.

A notion of accomplishing happiness for self may involve caring for the world, and self-implementations based on the same is respecting progressive evolution. Having said that, intelligence is the greatest form of power, but power itself is not always only intelligence.

How will your evolved Richard Nolan choose in the PlayStation 4? Pre-orders via the PS Store is starting tomorrow, August 1.

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