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Tesla’s V9.0 software will pack classic Atari games as Easter Eggs

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Tesla Atari Games
Elon Musk announced via a series of tweets yesterday, August 1 that a few classic Atari games will be coming as Easter Eggs with Tesla V9.0 software release that’s slated for September. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1024758658251411456 The software will be accessible to the vehicles: Model S, Model X and Model 3. The expected game titles according to the company are Missile Command, Tempest, and Pole Position. Musk said the classic racing game Pole Position will be linked to the real steering wheel of the cars just for encouraging further immersiveness. The Pole Position Easter Egg can be accessible only when the vehicle remains stationary. These games are further likely to have leaderboards and Supercharger trophies, as Musk responded enthusiastically to such suggestions. Additionally, he even invited game developers to apply to Tesla for involving the gaming aspect into the company’s ecosystem. Alongside the games, the Version 9 software will bring key enhancements to the Autopilot driver-assist system of Tesla. In June, Musk said that the first Full Self-Driving features will come to the Autopilot. Other expected features include dashcam capabilities, and the ability to request for software updates. Regarding the on-ramp-to-off-ramp capabilities of the Autopilot, new options are coming, one of which are the Blind Spot Threshold settings, with levels ranging from Standard, Aggressive to Mad Max. ULC (Unassisted Lane Changes) options with Follow Nav and Blinker to Fork are also likely to come with the Tesla V9.0 release. While Tesla and Musk are under production pressure on their new upcoming Model 3 sedans, it looks like ‘game on’ for the cars with fun and loads more. Do not miss out on the development of the Tesla V9.0 software release that might be just four weeks away from now. We knew Elon will never want to take the fun out of the equation. He practically lives it!

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