Upping The Blockchain Delivery Game: Walmart Files a Patent for Smart Appliance Management

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Following the streak of previous applications in the blockchain sector, which include patents like blockchain package delivery systems, medical record storage systems, a blockchain-based digital marketplace, Walmart has filed yet another application recently. The application entitled “Managing Smart Applications Using Blockchain Technology” has been published on August 2. It entails in detail the methods and systems for the control of smart appliances, such as a kiosk for drone-delivered packages, a smart home system, and so on.

IoT Ecosystem

As for the IoT ecosystem, the Walmart blockchain patent describes the utility of the blockchain server network to support an IoT (internet of things) ecosystem.

The blockchain server network includes one or more secondary or second server systems that use one or more server-side applications to provide one or more client-side services at one or more other resources in the IoT ecosystem.A resource in the IoT ecosystem may be associated with one or more roles and, thus, is associated with a single role in the context of a single corresponding transaction. – inventors

Kiosk for receipt of packages by unmanned drones

Moving on to the Kiosk for Receipt of Packages by Unmanned Drones, the users are to wear a device leading them to a safely locked deposit box or kiosk where they can receive the goods brought by unmanned drones.

Smart home

As for the Smart Home, the patent states that the technology has the potential to create a smart home system.

Data encryption

Finally, the last bit mentioned in the patents, the Data Encryption technology, is also quite useful as it will enable secure encryption of transaction data by using public and private keys.

The cypher module is a component of the appliance management environment that transforms data between a plurality of forms…. A message including information in plaintext form, for example, may be encrypted to generate and/or identify encrypted information in cyphertext form. – Patent

This patent is a significant step by Walmart to foray into its larger goal of gaining a foothold in the world of the blockchain, indicating that the U.S. retail giant is moving higher up in the game of greater stake in the key blockchain technologies with the patent. It is quite an impressive, forward-looking patent, which together with the previous one filed in July, can greatly impact Walmart’s delivery system, and in a positive way.

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