Startup SKYFchain has partnered Docomo via participating in the NTT Docomo 5G Open Partner Program that started on August 3.

The partnership entails conducting test flights of the SKYF drones on the startup’s platform by using the NTT Docomo 5G communication technology.

5G tech brings multiple high-speed connections on board and opens up for more possibilities than LTE. Alongside other industries, the new element of communication should find major purpose in the fields like autonomous cars, vehicle-to-vehicle and road-to-vehicle connections, machine learning and more.

As per a report, an industrial ambition is to provide every car with the support to manage about 4 terabytes of data. This will make way for machines to send and receive large bundles of data. 5G technology can take care of the crucial data delay for the likes of autonomous vehicles and other industries.

The SKYFchain platform with Docomo’s technology can keep an unmanned vehicle in the system. In fact, multiple such vehicles can be kept under real-time control, and that includes the instances of the requirement of manual controls as well.

For SKYFchain, the 5G technology is not only an opportunity to implement the transactions and run operational control but also a real-time data collection and operations with big data. All these needs will arise as the unmanned logistic market grows. – Alexandr Timofeev, CEO SKYFchain

SKYFchain back on June 11 had its ICO achieve the Softcap of $5 million. It has been highly regarded by the established ICO trackers like ICOBench, ICObazaar, TrackICO, and many others. This alone ensures that Docomo being an established company has found an ideal partner in the startup for providing services on its 5G technology.