Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 18,456,665
    Confirmed: 18,456,665
    Active: 6,068,560
    Recovered: 11,690,670
    Death: 697,435
  • USA 4,862,285
    Confirmed: 4,862,285
    Active: 2,255,829
    Recovered: 2,447,525
    Death: 158,931
  • Brazil 2,751,665
    Confirmed: 2,751,665
    Active: 744,644
    Recovered: 1,912,319
    Death: 94,702
  • India 1,858,689
    Confirmed: 1,858,689
    Active: 588,005
    Recovered: 1,231,682
    Death: 39,002
  • Russia 861,423
    Confirmed: 861,423
    Active: 185,601
    Recovered: 661,471
    Death: 14,351
  • South Africa 516,862
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 516,862
    Active: 150,286
    Recovered: 358,037
    Death: 8,539
  • Mexico 443,813
    Confirmed: 443,813
    Active: 100,124
    Recovered: 295,677
    Death: 48,012
  • Peru 433,100
    Confirmed: 433,100
    Active: 115,198
    Recovered: 298,091
    Death: 19,811
  • Chile 361,493
    Confirmed: 361,493
    Active: 17,810
    Recovered: 333,976
    Death: 9,707
  • Spain 344,134
    Confirmed: 344,134
    Active: 315,662
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,472
  • Iran 312,035
    Confirmed: 312,035
    Active: 24,402
    Recovered: 270,228
    Death: 17,405
  • UK 305,623
    Confirmed: 305,623
    Active: 259,413
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,210
  • Pakistan 280,461
    Confirmed: 280,461
    Active: 25,065
    Recovered: 249,397
    Death: 5,999
  • Saudi Arabia 280,093
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 280,093
    Active: 35,089
    Recovered: 242,055
    Death: 2,949
  • Italy 248,229
    Confirmed: 248,229
    Active: 12,474
    Recovered: 200,589
    Death: 35,166
  • Bangladesh 242,102
    Confirmed: 242,102
    Active: 101,013
    Recovered: 137,905
    Death: 3,184
  • Turkey 233,851
    Confirmed: 233,851
    Active: 10,607
    Recovered: 217,497
    Death: 5,747
  • Germany 212,320
    Confirmed: 212,320
    Active: 8,388
    Recovered: 194,700
    Death: 9,232
  • France 191,295
    Confirmed: 191,295
    Active: 79,501
    Recovered: 81,500
    Death: 30,294
  • Canada 117,031
    Confirmed: 117,031
    Active: 6,487
    Recovered: 101,597
    Death: 8,947
  • China 84,464
    Confirmed: 84,464
    Active: 800
    Recovered: 79,030
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 55,470
    Confirmed: 55,470
    Active: 49,321
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,149
  • Australia 18,728
    Confirmed: 18,728
    Active: 7,874
    Recovered: 10,622
    Death: 232
  • S. Korea 14,423
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,423
    Active: 770
    Recovered: 13,352
    Death: 301
  • New Zealand 1,567
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,567
    Active: 22
    Recovered: 1,523
    Death: 22

Google Classroom gets its biggest refresh since launch with Classwork page and more

Author at TechGenyz Google
Google Classroom

Google on yesterday, August 7 has announced a refresh of its Classroom, its biggest since launch back in 2014. It continues the tech giant’s mission to provide simplified tech for teachers and students so that they can spend more time learning.

Among the newly introduced features, the first is that of the Classwork page. It provides better organizational attributes to teachers for assignments and questions via grouping into modules and units. This makes the Stream an advanced hub of class discussion and activity, helping students develop online communication skills within their classroom community.

Secondly, a new grading tool is built into the workflow of Classroom. This contributes to pacing upgrading and encouraging more insightful engagement for the students. It works with Office files, Docs Editors, video files, PDFs, and more.

Google Classroom RefreshVia the grading tool, instructors get a comment bank for saving and reusing commonly used feedback. Quick toggling between student files and submissions during grading is also possible, where the tedious opening files individually are not required anymore.

Next, improvements in updating class settings, working with multiple sections of a class, and more are being brought by the new Google Classroom refresh. Accessing anything and everything in the Classroom has not been more convenient for teachers and students before!

While this takes care of setting up and management of classes, other such advancements include: copy and reuse classwork, improved people and settings page, and the ability to turn off notifications for a class.

As Google reports, thousands of teachers have participated in the Classroom beta version in July. This report will remain incomplete without the mention of the company’s discovery that these teachers loved the collaborative tools of G Suite, which further led to these updates, taking care of the complicacies regarding certain features.

Classwork PageBut the aforementioned pack of features embraced in the refresh is not all. There will be additional features launched soon based on their input. These involve materials on Google Classwork page, Classwork page for existing classes, and creating quizzes in locked mode.

With the biggest yet redesign of the Classroom, Google is as well providing a warm hand to the teachers to master and cope up with the advancements. It has announced new training in the Teacher Center that was created by Google Classroom experts. Ranging from new features to tips and tricks, these pieces of training will guide you to get the best out of the new updates.

The rollout of the refresh and the new trainings started yesterday, with a timeline of 2 weeks for reaching everyone. You can go to Back to School FAQs for gaining more details on the said updates.