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Twitter announced to not take action against the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. As we have already covered on this that many platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and even Apple have banned many of the episodes of InfoWars as they felt that such a show might violate their guidelines. Unlike these platforms, Twitter defends Alex Jones; the Founder of InfoWars.

With the help of Hannity’s radio show, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey tries to shield his platform for the decision to not take action against the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Dorsey is thankful to Hannity for letting him have the opportunity to clarify his actions to the host’s millions of listeners as he felt that people needs to see “the reason of our actions or inactions,”.

Dorsey, through a series of tweets, tries to explain the reason to not ban Jones from using the service. Dorsey says that “We didn’t suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday.” He says that the reason is simply because he feels that Jones has not violated any rules of Twitter. But also assures that “we’ll enforce if he does.”

On the radio show Twitter CEO also brings up Twitter’s principles and guidelines saying that “Twitter shadow bans, we do not shadow ban according to political ideology or viewpoint or content.” Dorsey clarifies that Jones has not violated Twitter’s rules and so they continue to promote a healthy conversational environment among its global users.

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