The Asian Games has made its way back to Indonesia after 56 long years, where the cities of Jakarta and Palembang shall play host to athletes from 45 Asian Nations, starting this Saturday. To allow users to be a more wholesome part of the much-awaited tournament, Google has introduced a number of new features to its various apps.

To begin with, while searching for Asian Games on Google search, users shall receive up-to-date information regarding the Games at the very top of the search results. This shall include medal tally rankings and recent results to help users stay updated on their country’s position at the Games. Google will also allow users to view videos of Game highlights, as well as stay apace the top stories related to it.

For those lucky few who shall catch the game live at Indonesia, Atung, one of the friendly Asian Games mascots, shall show them the best route to reach the stadium on Google Maps. Those looking for their seats in the stadium, for their part, can sail through the gantries and find their seats with the help of indoor maps of event venues. And for those who shall enjoy the games from within the comfort of their own homes, Voyager in Google Earth is all set to provide them with an amazing view of the Indonesian Archipelago, to help them plan their next trip.

To enjoy the latest perks, users can head to the Google Play Store and check out selected Asian Games content and deals from Google Play.