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5 Best Android car racing games 2018: No 4 you must try

Author at TechGenyz Gaming

Car racing games have always been the first choice of gaming lovers who are looking for some thrill and adventure. Here, you can find these games in different forms including car drag race, drift car race, combat car race, buggy car race, car shooting game, car battle game and more. Let’s discuss some of these amazing game types here for Android.

Clash for Speed

Clash for Speed offers thrilling combat car racing experience to car racing game lovers. It comes bundled with some most amazing features to offer you enhanced car racing experience.

In different features, it offers amazing game environments, numerous race tracks, upgradable cars, deadly weapons, decals options, original car stickers, and more.

This meticulously designed combat car racing game allows you to design your own 3D racing track that is one of its unique features. To make the racing track complexed, you can add multiple on-road obstacles and set off-road road traps to make it hard for the opponent to win. Remember, complexed tracks will help you win more trophies which you can use to unlock other features of the game.

Clash for Speed

Racing In Car

If you love car chasing games at fast speed than Racing In Car is meant for you. This powerful game allows you to select the car of your choice from the garage that you always wanted to drive.

During the race, you will experience unbridled thrill and adventure while driving through an amazing environment. To test your driving skills, you need to go through different obstacles and difficulty levels. Here, you need to avoid traffic, obstructions, cars and trucks, transportation and more to win the race.

The feeling of soft leather in your hands, the smell of fresh rubber on road, roar of engines, and cheering audience that all define this game. It offers the purest form of car racing with easy operation and realistic automotive physics. In other features, it allows you to refit your car, offers real environment effects, various epic racing cars, amazing sound effects, and more.

Racing In Car

Super Fast Car Drag Race

This powerful game allows you to select from your favorite sports car to experience ultimate drag racing experience. This classic nitro-fueled racing game is packed full of amazing cars and dynamic racing levels.

To enhance racing fun you can add nitrous oxide to your cars and hit the button. You can further adjust the gear ratio to save those valuable milliseconds in the race. It offers different cars and 10 race categories to offer enhanced racing experience.

It offers excellent driving specifications to help you survive in this crazy drag race. In other features, it offers different car options to choose from including roadsters, muscle cars and sports cars, realistic and smooth car handling, addictive gameplay, and stunning 3D graphics.

Super Fast Car Drag Race

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 offers hottest and high-performing dream machines in the form of cars to bikes. Here, you will get a chance to drive and ride through some amazing tracks from blazing Nevada Desert to tight turns of Tokyo streets. It offers over 220 high-performance cars and bikes from all top licensed manufacturers around the world.

During the game, you will hear high-fidelity motor sounds for realistic audio immersion. Here, you can perform barrel rolls, maneuver through the air, perform 360-degree jumps, customize and upgrade your rides and ride through exotic locations.

You can race through some amazing tracks in original more or its mirror variation. In other features, it offers 40 high-speed tracks in 16 different settings, plenty of shortcuts, 9 seasons, over 400 events, stunning visuals, different drift modes, prizes to earn, a detailed damage system, multi-player seasons and leagues and more.

Asphalt 8

3D Speed Racing in Car

This amazing 3D car racing game gives you realistic car racing experience with features like rear view mirror, windscreen wipers, stunning interiors and beautiful realistic graphics. It offers an amazing physics engine to offer you thrilling racing experience.

You can enjoy this powerful game with easy controls where you can tilt your phone to move the car left and right. It offers enhanced driving features to easily drive through uneven tracks and hostile terrains. It offers numerous options to upgrade your ride for the enhanced gaming experience. Further, it offers exciting background music, real dynamic game feeling, various game modes, and a bright 3D panoramic racing view.

3D Speed Racing In Car


While there is a long list available of different car racing games, we have tried to discuss 5 best car racing games for Android that you should try this year. If we have missed your favorite game on the list, feel free to comment below.