With the fitness craze of the population increasing every moment, Google is revamping its fitness tracking app, the new Google Fit. This new app is made in association with American Health Association (AHA) and World Health Organization (WHO), “to understand the science behind the physical activity and help you get the amount and intensity needed to improve your health”, says Google.

Everyday users will be encouraged to complete two goals, one based on “Move Minutes” and the other is a completely new introduction called “Heart Points”. When it comes to your health, moving around is certainly healthier than sitting. To earn “Move minutes” for all your small movements and through small changes move towards a healthier life. You can take the stairs instead of the lift or you can walk around while talking to your friend and it all counts in your “Move minutes”.

Activities that accelerate the heartbeat are generally a bigger step towards a blooming health. So, new Google Fit will give you “Heart points” for every such activity, such as walking at a higher speed than usual. In fact, you will get double “Heart Points” for more intense cardio workouts like Kickboxing or Running. If AHA and WHO are to be believed, it takes only 30 mins of brisk walking five days a week to reach a standard level of well-being.

Every move you make will be monitored by the new Google fit through sensors on watch or phone like the accelerometer and GPS. If you’re engaged in other types of exercises, like gardening, Pilates, rowing or spinning, Google Fit will calculate “Move minutes” and “Heart points” accordingly throughout your schedule. What’s more, Google Fit integrates other fitness apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal, so you get credit for every Move Minute and Heart Point you earn.

The app will start every user with goals that it thinks attainable and will upgrade with time, based on how the user has completed the other goals. Hollendoner says that the app will also provide suggestions to the user, like making up for a rest day by earning 20 heart points for the weekly goal.

The new design focuses more on closing rings, like Apple’s Tracking System, but while Apple has a third extra ring for Standing, Google fit has just the two. Beyond the new metrics, the Google Fit app has generally been cleaned up, modernized, and simplified. When either the Heart points or Move rings are completed in the app, they’ll turn into an octagon. If you are already using Google Fit on your phone or Wear OS by Google Watch, you’ll welcome the all-white redesign by the beginning of this week.

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