Pokemon Go took the world of gamers by a storm when it was released back in 2016, and it has successfully created a niche for itself in the pop culture ever since. One of the most noteworthy aspects of the game has to be its ability to inspire players to become physically active, since the Pokemon Go weight loss game requires its players to walk around, A LOT.

To begin with, players have to collect Pokémon eggs from PokéStops or as gifts from friends, and ‘incubate’ them till they hatch. The process of incubation requires players to walk a certain distance, usually 5 to 10 km, even if it’s on a treadmill. While this requires players to keep the app open on their phones while they walk, it can be easily avoided with the help of an Apple watch.

Using the Watch, players can set an egg to start incubating and then go about doing their business while the tracking sensor logs the miles. This also counts as an Apple Watch Workout, with the perk of an innovative reward. Once the required distance is covered, the Apple Watch buzzes an alert; and upon opening the app on the phone, the player is greeted with a newly hatched Pokemon.

Apart from hatching Pokemon eggs, other game activities like throwing Pokeballs to collect new Pokemons hiding at odd locations, visiting PokéStops at set locations for getting extra balls, potions, or other goodies, and visiting the “gyms” where players can battle for ownership of the place also requires a lot of walking, prompting players to lose weight in the process. The Apple Watch comes in handy during these activities by alerting the user with notifications when Pokestops are close by.

Coming to the pitfalls of playing the Pokemon Go weight loss game, the constant notifications and the prerequisite to keep the app open at all times is bound to drain phone batteries, and constant notifications also affect users’ concentration levels negatively. Furthermore, the game requires players to stop every few feet to collect new characters, which, apart from elevating journey time, also reduces the net effectiveness of the exercise, since players do not feel winded up enough.

The cons, however, do not take away its pros from the app, which includes the vital amalgamation of the fun of playing games with the tiresome activity of exercising, ultimately culminating in a healthier lifestyle for its players.

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