5 SEO tips from the experts to win king-sized traffic to your website

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Saifi Rizvi
Saifi Rizvi
Saifi Rizvi is a passionate blogger and an accomplished digital marketing trainer from India. He is working with a leading digital marketing company and has written blogs on various topics like SEO, Blogging, products reviews, making money online, Google AdWords, etc. He has assisted many clients from different industries and helped them improve their online strategies.

When it comes to attracting a lot of traffic to your website, organic SEO is still the most cost-efficient way to do it.

But there are more than 200 factors that can affect your SEO rankings on search engines and probably a thousand more ways to optimize your website for each one of them. Not to forget the algorithmic changes that search engines like Google frequently go through, which sometimes can change the game entirely.

The result – Lots of confusion, myths, and misunderstanding.

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Thankfully, there are a lot of SEO experts out there that can provide you with valuable insights and advice that can help you stay a step ahead and rise in the eyes of Google.

If you stay updated with everything SEO, you’d know that there are a lot of expert roundups already published online where SEO specialists share their 2 cents to help the community and win some hearts in the process.

So, we went through some influential expert roundups and have hand-picked the most genuine SEO advice from some of the best, most-renowned people in the industry.

Let’s begin – When Shane Barker asked 91 SEO experts to share their most effective SEO tips to drive traffic to a website, Ann Handley chimed in as well with her wisdom on writing content that sticks.

“Create user-centric content that answers the questions your prospects have, and that makes them feel like you understand their problems, shoulder their burdens along with them, and feel their pain” – Ann Handley, Content Head at Marketing Profs

Quality content is what SEO thrives on. Google cares about what they show to their searchers and always try to redirect them to a page that can answer their query in the best way possible. While writing for search engines is important to let them know what your content is about, always focus on serving the needs of your audience with your content. It will have an amplified impact that way.

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Search Engine Journal frequently publishes expert roundups not just about SEO, but about other marketing channels as well. They recently hosted an SEO expert roundup where they asked 21 experts to give their best piece of advice. Here’s what Bill Hartzer had to say –

“I’m not sure if I can give you one single piece of SEO advice at this point – there are so many points that need to be made. However, I can narrow it down, generally speaking, to two points-

  • Speed up your website.
  • Don’t forget about on-page SEO.

– Bill Hartzer, Senior SEO Consultant

Your website speed matters a lot. With more than half of searchers using their mobile for making quick searches on Google, they expect quick results as well and that means that your website has to conform to their needs or it’s a win for your competitors. Also, working on on-page SEO of your website can work wonders for you as Google will be able to discern your content better with optimized on-page SEO and show it to a broader audience searching for your services. So, make sure all the on-page elements of your website like title tags, meta descriptions, header tags are optimized according to your targeted keywords for increased exposure and traffic.

Cognitive SEO took it upon themselves to fetch some unique SEO tips that could really help their user base learn some new things about SEO. One advice that stood out of all the other 22 experts Cognitive approach was  –

There’s no point being number 1 for “Taxi” if your customer types in “Uber” – Dixon Jones, Marketing Director at Majestic

You’ll rarely hear about branding when talking about SEO but Dixon Jones explained it all with his catchy one-liner.

Inc. has a knack for publishing industry-leading insights. When they hold an expert roundup, people listen. In 2016, they conducted an expert SEO roundup of best SEO tips including insights from world-renowned SEO experts and they had some nice things to say. Even after 2 years, their evergreen tips are still relevant to this day. Here’s a spot-on tip from the roundup –

“Spend as much time to understand people as you do to understand Google. Understand why people buy, why people trust, the impact of branding on purchasing. Search engine algorithms don’t buy things from your company, people do.” – Will Reynolds, Founder, and CEO of SEER Interactive

This tip kind of resonates with our first tip of Ann Handley. So, when two of the leading search engine experts are stressing on one thing, it must really be critical for bringing in a myriad traffic to your website. Take note.

Recently, Optinmonster held an SEO expert roundup of their own and asked industry experts to give their best tips on how to get more traffic to a website in 2018. Here’s what Andy (one of the experts of the roundup) had to say –

Rewrite the posts that almost rank high. There may be lots of them. Give those articles an overhaul. Add details, examples, answers, statistics, images, contributor quotes and anything else that pages it a better piece.
If you go big on quality, you’re very likely to add length and keyphrase usage naturally. Make it a page that you’re so proud of, you want to print it and frame it on the wall. – Andy Crestodina, Co-founder of Orbit Media

Updating old posts is a great way to show the latest, most relevant content to site visitors. Also, Google loves websites that frequently update their content as it shows that you care about the users that stumble to your website. But merely updating old content is not enough, you’ll have to find those web pages or blogs which need a little extra content to push it to the top.

So, there you go. Don’t forget to implement these tips in your SEO strategy to bring more users to your website. Before you go, I would recommend you to go through all these round-ups to expand your understanding of how SEO works today.

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