7 Tips to avoid being hacked: Beginner’s guide to protecting any account

Hacking has become too common on the internet nowadays, and you need to be very careful if you want to keep your private information secure. We are here to provide you tips to avoid being hacked from any of your accounts online.

Tips to stay safe online:

1. Cancel old accounts:

Deactivate all the old accounts you have. If you have multiple accounts try to keep the ones you need the most and deactivate the others. More accounts mean more usernames and passwords to remember, and if you do not keep them up-to-date, then they can be easily hacked anytime.

2. Verify your accounts:

Open a secure email account and remember the username and login always. Add your mobile number, and do SMS verification to add an extra layer of protection. Add a favorite question and answer to keep it protected. When you open accounts in any other place, use this email account as a verification. In case someone hacks your account, you can reset the password and other information using this email id.

3. Use hard-to-guess usernames and passwords:

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While opening your accounts, make sure you use a username that is difficult to guess. Do not use your name simply for it or someone might just put your name and send you spam emails. For password, make sure you have a secure one which is not easy to crack or guess.

Choose a lengthy sentence that you will remember and pick the alphabets from the beginning or end of each word of the sentence and for a password. This way the password will not be anything obvious. Swap the alphabet with special characters to make it more secure. For example, you can change ‘A’ with ‘@’, X with ‘*’, S with ‘$’, H with ‘#’, etc. like that.

Lastly, Use a password manager to stay free from the hurdle of remembering your passwords. Some password managers also generate a highly secure password for you.

4. Store your password securely:

Never store any of your passwords or valuable information in the drafts of any emails. If the email is hacked somehow, then all your private information will be available to others.

5. Use Id protection services:

In today’s world, identity theft is a really huge problem. You need to be sure that your credit card information, bank accounts, etc are safe. You can visit careful and check out the best id protection service plans that will keep your accounts safe.

6. Keep software updated:

Make sure you keep all your software up to date. Huge risks come from using outdated software. Hackers usually figure out gaping holes in the software and use them to steal your private data, so to stay safe from that happening. You need to update your software daily. Do a check for your operating system daily, and if you see any update, then go for it immediately.

7. Change passwords frequently:

One of the best ways to keep your accounts secure is to change passwords every week. This way you can log out of any other devices you want and your passwords stay secure. No one will be able to guess them if you keep updating frequently.


It is really difficult to stay secure nowadays, but if you follow our advice then you would be safer from most of the common hacking problems people encounter every day. We hope this article will help you. If you know any more tips, then share it with us in the comment section below.

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Dennis Eivan Martin
Dennis Eivan Martin
My name is Dennis, an enthusiastic blogger who covers topics related to technology. The goal is to share helpful tips with my audience. Thus, I hope this blog will help you too in protecting your important account.


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