Tesla launches a new Qi-based wireless charger with 5W battery at $65

Tesla Wireless Charger

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Tesla has launched today a new battery-powered charger designed for iPhones and Android devices. What is remarkable about this new charger is that it is Qi-based and is a wireless charger. Evidently, it is made for devices which support wireless charging.

The Tesla Wireless Charger features a 6,000 mAh battery. The battery can be used for charging while on the go. Tesla used a certain design language for its energy products like Powerwall. According to them, the design language of the battery is the same as Powerwall. The new wireless charger is priced at $65. The charger also has some groovy new features which make it stand out from other wireless chargers in the market.

Tesla portable Qi wireless charger features a built-in USB-C cable for charging USB-C Android devices. There is also a built-in USB-A cable. The USB-A cable is used to charge the Wireless Charger from any USB-A port. According to Tesla, the wireless charging is limited to 5W. It should be noted here that the 5W is slower than the 7.5 W charging which is available for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Other 5W chargers are easily available on Amazon and that too for a lower price.

The 5W chargers available on Amazon are priced at $10. Compared to this, Tesla indeed is charging a huge amount of money for the wireless charger. The main reason for this should be that Tesla is a well-known company which has the potential to solely dominate the market. So they are charging a premium amount for the Tesla branding and design of this accessory.

The Tesla Wireless Charger can be purchased from its official website for $65. However, Tesla might have removed the Wireless Charger from its website as the store links to the device no longer works.

Tesla launches a new Qi-based wireless charger with 5W battery at $65