Destiny 2: Forsaken will soon be released and this has created a sensation among the gamers. It has been reported that new gear will be available exclusively to PS4 players in Forsaken and they will be offered new regions to explore. What is exclusive to PS4 is a new armor set for each class, a wild new Exotic weapon, a new ship, and a new Strike set in the Tangled Shore.

WavesplitterOne of the exclusive exotic weapons is called Wavesplitter. It is a fascinating Exotic weapon which is developed by the makers of Coldheart. This weapon is the latest of its kind in City Age technology. It uses focused sonic waves to superheat electrons into a devastating energy beam. It has three different power levels which oscillate while the trigger is held down. Various indicators such as laser thickness, sound effects, and a meter on the weapon that let the weapon’s wielder know about the level on which this weapon is currently oscillating. Wavesplitter can be powered up to its maximum power level for a short period when an Orb of Light is collected, ensuring maximum devastation.

Forsaken’s new PlayStation exclusive strike is called Broodhold. It will help the players who are willing to delve deep into the depths of the Tangled Shore and finish off a troublesome Hive infestation. Players will have to team with Thralls, Acolytes, and Knights to fight through a crashed Hive Tombship until they come face to face with the Hive Brood Queen. The Hive Brood Queen will alternate between a physical and shadow form, employing different abilities in each state. Guardians will have to smartly use cover and positioning so that they can keep guard against her physical attacks. They will also have to keep on moving so that they can avoid being poisoned.

Apart from new weapons, Forsaken is also offering new armor sets such as the Warlock armor set called the Thorium Holt, the hunter armor set called the Red Moon Phantom, and the Titan armor set called the Mimetic savior. The players will also have to uncover an exclusive new ship which is named Great Beyond. PS4 owners can now pick up a free theme.

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