Google expands the availability of the Google Assistant Routine

Aug 30, 2018, 3:33 pm

Bhaswati S.

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In the ‘Made by Google’ event back in October 2017 Google had announced Routines as the new feature of Google Assistant which helps users carry out work by just a single command, for instance, a simple “Hey Google, good morning” can be set to start the coffee machine and TV. Google has recently begun making the availability of this feature more widespread.

According to some Google Home subreddit users Google Home Routine now work in India, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. Users from these mentioned areas can set up their routines in the Google Assistant settings, the default routines being “tell me about my day”, “I’m up”, or “good morning” to know about the commute, the weather and even reminders in the morning, respectively.

All routines are editable. Devices such as thermostat and other smart home devices can be set up fairly easily by just tapping on the + and typing in the command and then choosing what Assistant should do.

The Google Home Routine feature seems to be activated from the server-side so there is no need for waiting for an update on Play Store or for an APK file. Google rolling out its new Routine feature has made users quite happy with the advantage of having made their homes smart and their daily routine a bit more pleasant.

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