Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller designed for disabled gamers is finally available for sale

Xbox Adaptive Controller

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Recently, Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It is mainly designed for gamers with a disability. What makes it different from any other gaming devices out there is that it allows various different devices to attach to its numerous ports. This should provide options for those who have limited mobility. The London V&A museum has added the controller to its gallery. The museum is dedicated solely to groundbreaking moments in design. It deserved its place in the museum specifically because it captured a specific moment in the field of video games and because it has a social and inclusive design. It has already become an attractive acquisition for the V&A museum.

Some of the unique features of the Xbox Adaptive Controller box is that it features large holes and it requires simple motions to open making it easier for disabled gamers to operate it without any trouble. Although it is not entirely accessible to every disabled gamer, it still does a great job of making it easy to open for many. The controller does not use any strong adhesives so only pulling is required to make it work.

Xbox Adaptive Controller BoxOn the rear end of the controller, there are nineteen jacks, hooking the console into an existing ecosystem of accessible buttons and other input devices. There are only two large programmable buttons lying on top of the device. Along with this, there is a quick access available to the “Xbox”, “Menu”, “View”, and other key inputs. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is now available on the Microsoft Store for $99.99 with a shipping date of September 30.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will lie at the Rapid Collecting area of the museum and it is said that it will have its permanent place there. The controller will be joined by Microsoft’s Minecraft related items which can be found in the Museum of Childhood area.

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller designed for disabled gamers is finally available for sale