All the major platforms have revolted against Alex Jones, the famous American Conspiration Theorist, and TV show Host, lately. The maker and marketer of the infamous lead-tainted supplement shop Infowars has been banned by Vimeo, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Apple banned most of the podcasts of his media company, recently.

Jones’ app had hit huge popularity in Apple’s App Store post the eviction from other social media platforms. But according to the confirmation given to Buzz Feed news, the app Infowars has been removed and is not likely to return because of its contents that do not store locally and do not follow the guidelines of Apple, according to the Company’s Spokesperson.

The Apple App Store Review Guidelines has a clear clause that it would not allow any content that intends to hint at defaming, negating and discriminating on the grounds of religion, race, sexual orientation, origin, among others, specially if the “app is likely to humiliate, intimidate, or place a targeted individual or group in harm’s way.”

The main thorn club on Apple fell after the app stayed in the Apple store even after the other sites had removed it. Now when Apple also decided to de-host the app, the number of virtual markets and platforms that have decided to keep it became very limited, like Gab and Google +, with the app continuing to be popular in Google Play store, till now.