Styles of SEO

Understanding the different styles of SEO – Which one will fit your business?

Author at TechGenyz SEO

A lot of hush-hush is there about the right practices for SEO, and about the white hat, black hat, and grey hat SEO techniques. Some people say this is right and that is wrong, and everyone comes up with various opinions. But as the SEO seeking customer you have the right to know which is good and which is not healthy for your site’s future. It is important to choose the right technique for optimizing your site.

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Also, if you want to be an SEO reseller, and want to be an expert in this, then you must develop sound knowledge about the things for better customer handling.

SEO styles

SEO is all about following some steps with the motto to optimize the website before the search engines; so that contents in the website and keywords which the site targets through various externally posted links and contents do get indexed by Google and other search engines fast and effectively. All these would make the search engine pull out the name of the site against any such targeted search query, thereby making the whole strategically planned process a hit.

SEO Styles

Now some website and business owners want fast results and want accelerated work on the site to achieve the target faster than usual. Some again do not care about the speed but are concerned about the site’s future reputation and SEO quality. Some again want a balanced approach towards the SEO promotion so that the site gets exposure and that too not very slow yet not blazing fast also.

It’s all about the selection of the styles of SEO, which involves different techniques, use of various tools and methods, and different approaches to making the site more visible and popular. The primary three methods used are White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and Black HAT SEO. Based on them only the site gets the indexed and improved ranking at a slow or fast rate, and also the future reputation of the site gets deeply impacted by choice of the method again.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the real organic form of SEO which you must do to get healthy results. When things are planned ethically and healthily, then the result may not seem to be too highlighted or impressive instantly; but with time and patience, things will be seen improving and on the right track. The same happens with White Hat SEO.

In this style of SEO, no such software or app is used that would boost the number of links, or social media shares or likes in one day or few hours; instead, things are done naturally, with the golden principle of making 5 high-quality external links per day. Selected numbers of only high-quality link building every day with proper planning are the basis for the success of this SEO style. Things are too much in control of this style so that never the site will be suspected of using unethical promotional means to get an improved SERP.

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Here links get built slowly, and SERP improves strategically and in a reasonable time, but not too fast. Results show in some time, but the reputation of the site strengthens with time.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the opposite of what happens in White Hat SEO. The motive of practicing Black Hat SEO is to give a solution to website and business owners who want quick success, and want their site to shoot in popularity and sales within just a few hours to few days. And in this attempt, all sorts of artificial means are used in the process.

Apps and services, software, and robotic programs are used to generate external links for the site in huge numbers, and also several paid programs, etc. are used to get massive amounts of shares, comments, likes, and social networks within a brief time. It is evident that so much popularity is not reasonable and there is no logical explanation other than the use of unfair means. And that is why the results of Black Hat SEO show too fast but lasts real less. A site may show up in SERP in just hours, but then the site may be blacklisted soon in a month or weeks, and won’t be ever found in the SERPs.

Usually, none of the processes used in Blackhat are natural or high quality. Quality is never the concern here, and only quantity and time are kept in mind. The highest quantity of links and content are made with the lowest amount of time or the fastest speed.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is a perfect mix or combination of the tricky and shadowy techniques of Black Hat and the ethical and high-quality techniques of White Hat. We cannot say that the method is ideally correct, but is a balanced method comprising of good and bad things to make the accent of the site on the SERP faster than usual.

It is suitable for clients who would not like any Black Hat applied as they won’t want to break the rule, but again are somewhat impatient to wait and watch. For them, the grey hat is a perfect solution, and many SEO services do work on this strategy and style.

How to select the right SEO services

While choosing an SEO service provider for a client, as the SEO reseller, you must be looking for White Hat SEO specialists. The Whitelabel SEO specialists would not just perform ethically, but also would never pose any risk on the site to get it penalized or blacklisted by Google.

Hence, it’s always safe to work with White Hat SEO specialists. In case your client has less time and yet needs success you can then go for a grey hat SEO specialist. And as the SEO reseller, your reputation would also be at stake if you choose a wrong company that gets the client site blacklisted in over-enthusiasm. Hence choosing sensibly would help much whether you are a reseller or directly the client.